Hey hey everyone and welcome to episode 1 of  the Full Frontal Living Podcast.  My name is Lisa Carpenter and I’m a master coach, emotional resiliency expert and bestselling Amazon author here to disrupt the conversation about what it means to matter in your own life.    

I’ve been a coach for almost 2 decades and during this time I’ve experienced a ton of personal and professional growth and witnessed radical physical and emotional transformations in my clients.  This podcast is a platform for me to share stories, perspectives, insights and even my tear and tantrum moments on how to have a relationship with yourself that will take you from being a burnout high achieving, over do-er, to someone who lives a Full Frontal life that focuses on doing less better and who you are  BEing in the world.  

We’re going to stop being human DO-ings and embrace more BEing.   

I’m here to disrupt the conversation about self care and look at what this means for you.  Self care isn’t something DO but who you’re willing to become and the behaviours and beliefs you’re willing to embody.  I’m here to talk about why high achievers typically put themselves last and how you can love what you do but love yourself more.

This isn’t going to be a conversation about mani’s and pedi’s but a deeper dive into why you’re struggling to matter more in your life.  Why we’ve made doing more, achieving more, working hard and chasing success something we take pride in but rarely celebrate.  I want to have the conversation about why we’re throwing ourselves under the bus physically and emotionally to do the things we love but aren’t stopping to assess if we are loving the things we’re doing and what it’s costing us. 

What exactly are we striving for and what if fulfillment can’t be found in another certificate on the wall, the perfect home, weight loss, your next accomplishment, the perfect kids or marriage or the amount of money you have in the bank. 

I’m here to call bullshit on all the behaviours you’re stuck in to avoid feeling bad and to try to outrun the unconscious stories you’re telling yourself.  Every habit and behaviour you have is driven by how you think and feel about yourself, however unless you slow down and get curious about what these are and how you’re actually feeling you’re going to continue to feel stuck, exhausted and frustrated.  You’ll keep hating on your body, struggling in your work, wrestling with debt and your money, never feeling like you have enough time, never feeling good enough and swinging back and forth between loving your family and wanting to run far far away.  

I’m here to disrupt the status quo and challenge you to see your life differently. I want you to see YOU differently.  
I want you, my dear listener,  to start asking yourself better questions so you can cultivate a deeper more connected relationship with yourself.  Full Frontal Living demands you take responsibility for you life and no longer live by your circumstances. 

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