In episode 49 Lisa has an intimate conversation with her good friend and professional personal stylist and wardrobe consultant Nicole Otchy.  Have you ever considered what your clothes say about you or have you ever struggled with dressing your body?  In today’s conversation Lisa and Nicole dive into personal style and how the right clothes can make all the difference in how you’re showing up for yourself in the world.  They also talk about making smart buying decisions and what our investments can tell us about ourselves along with getting off the compliment hamster wheel.

Unless you’re living in a nudist colony you’re going to want to listen in on this conversation.

Nicole has opened the inaugural round of her Style Your Brand workshop which is a 5-week program designed to help you create a wardrobe that truly allows you to show up and shine. If you’ve ever struggled with knowing your personal style and how to dress so you feel amazing in your body, you’re not going to want to miss being a part of this.  I’m also honoured to be a special guest inside the program.

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