In episode 95 Lisa welcomes her guest Joan Marie from to share her journey of letting go so she could live her purpose.  Joan is the creator of an amazing piece of artwork gifted to Lisa by Jill Stevens back in April of 2020 which helped transform how she saw herself.  In this conversation, Joan shares why you can’t think your way to results and how pictures are the language of the subconscious mind.  Joan also talks about how she went from working hard for her gift to owning her ability to create from her intuition and how important it was for her to relax and let go in order to create the extraordinary artwork she is known for today.

Enjoy Joan Marie’s story of how art touched her life and guided her to become a powerful conduit of energy she is today.

If you are interested in learning about how you can have your own visionary portrait created or how you can discover your highest self through her art you can book a consultation on her website

You can also find Joan Marie on Facebook or Instagram where she showcases the pieces she’s currently working on along with past projects.

Please subscribe to her YouTube Channel Joan Marie Art to watch all her creations come to life.

To watch the video Joan creating Lisa’s portrait click HERE

To watch the video of Lisa receiving her art click HERE


Lisa and Joan Marie first connected inside the amazing community created by Jim Fortin.

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