In episode 180 Lisa dives into why hiring a 1:1 coach is the fastest way to results and the mindset that is probably holding you back.  In an era of self-help books and group programs at every turn, why is it that so many of you remain stuck when you “know” the thing holding you back?  Have you ever considered that the belief you “should” have it figured out on your own IS the block keeping you stuck from taking action?  That you’re so focused on the problem you think you have that you’re not able to see the problem you actually have?

Today’s episode talks about the framework Lisa uses with her clients to get them to a place of taking action, and why her clients get the phenomenal results they do.

This is a hard hitting episode that will challenge you to ask yourself tough questions about working with a coach and what might be possible for you if you started working from the perspective that you know nothing.


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