In this episode, you will learn more about:

  • As a society, we have not been taught how to manage our emotions and stress, and it’s more clear than ever after this year that we are in serious need of help as a society and individuals.
  • Whether it’s food, alcohol, spending, or being addicted to work, everyone has something that is their go-to drug of choice. Some are deemed acceptable by society while others are more covert.
  • Ciara talks about why she will have a glass of wine now and then with no guilt or regret, while Lisa shares the reasons that she decided to give up alcohol.
  • When you feel neutral about something, you can really enjoy it for what it is rather than using it as a way to numb, escape, or push down your emotions.
  • Lisa shares how she figured out that drinking wasn’t aligning with her highest values, and she and her husband took on a change of how they viewed and labeled themselves.
  • It is our responsibility to be with the emotions we are navigating.
  • What we try to avoid by drinking is usually the connection and deeper relationships we are actually seeking.
  • You can fight for your limitations, but it requires self-parenting and taking responsibility for your choices.
  • So often we are making light of people’s illness, especially with humor and through social media.
  • Lisa’s tips for beginning to pattern interrupt your habits and replace them with ones that feel healthier and more sustainable.
  • Lisa describes her podcast Full Frontal Living as the same feeling of standing in a snowstorm naked. This woman bares all and isn’t afraid to go out there and sit in discomfort.
  • If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you need to look at the stories you are telling yourself.

Listen to the episode here.


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