Many of you who’ve worked with me or listened to this podcast see me as this confident, empowered woman who always has her shit together. Yet, I still face struggles that can undermine my own growth.

One of my biggest challenges involves the upcoming World Beauty Fitness & Fashion (WBFF) show in Las Vegas. In eight weeks, I’ll be walking on its stage as a contestant. It’s a goal of mine that’s been two-and-a-half years in the making.

But twice now I’ve had to confront a fear in my preparation for it. In this episode, I talk about my challenge and how the fear underneath it reflects the subtle yet toxic belief of so many women that stops us from evolving past our comfort zone.

[4:24] – One big challenge I faced during my preparation for the WBFF contest

[5:44] – How my client called me out on my own bull

[7:21] – How I plan to show up on that WBFF Vegas stage now

[9:14] – The belief that causes so many women to secretly sabotage themselves

[10:45] – Why shame keeps you trapped in addictive behaviors

[13:07] – How to begin to unravel your own self-sabotage

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