In episode 97 Lisa jumps into the conversation about women and money.  Have you considered what it looks like when you want to invest in yourself?  Maybe it’s a new outfit or maybe it’s a larger investment like 1:1 coaching or joining a program such as Jim Fortins Transformational Coaching Program.  Do you ask permission from your partner have to try to convince them? Or do you have an empowered conversation and advocate for yourself?  Do you feel empowered about your relationship with your partner and money or do you feel like everything you want is outside of your control?

Lisa has gone from nearly 6 figures in debt (and running the cycle of debt on and off over 20 years) to running a successful coaching practice that continues to grow and generate multiple 6 figures because of her commitment to transforming her relationship with money.  If you’re struggling to show up in your life as a priority and constantly find yourself seeking validation, approval or permission before you do anything else check out all the transformations of people just like you who’ve experienced TCP and have transformed their lives.

In Lisa’s work with Jim over the years, her old life has become unrecognizable both personally and professionally.

Not only is she a student of this work but also one of Jim’s senior coaches inside TCP.  She is not some special unicorn but simply committed herself to doing this work and making her vision come to life.

You can do it to.

Simply register today for TCP before the doors close!

Lisa is an affiliate and proud partner of TCP and when you sign up through her link you’ll receive some extra special bonuses including admission to the next live 6 week session of Weight Loss From Within.  With both these programs under your belt you can only succeed!


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