In todays episode Lisa brings on a very special guest, her new fiancee Macey.  They speak openly and honestly about their 11 year relationship and the journey they’ve been on both personally and as a couple.  They dive into Macey’s previous struggle with drugs and alcohol and how he transformed his identity to not only remain clean & sober but also how he moved out of depression and struggle to a place of thriving in all area’s of his life.  Lisa also talks candidly about her wake up call and how she stopped drowning in co-dependant behaviours to create a healthy relationship with herself so that she could have a healthy relationship with not just Macey, but also with her kids and clients.

You’ll hear what marriage means to them both and why they waited to make this commitment to each other. 

Todays episode is a powerful behind the scenes look at what is possible when you take responsibility for the most important person in all your relationships and thats YOU.

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