I love being a coach and am grateful every day that I have the opportunity to inspire, encourage change, provoke thought, create possibility, open new perspectives and make an impact.  

The truth is that I DON’T always know if what I am putting out there is landing or how it is impacting others.

I have learned some lessons about being my own coach and staying grounded in doing what I love REGARDLESS of the feedback I do or don’t get.

There is nothing like “being in the zone” when I speak.  Lost in my message, with my passion and enthusiasm for freedom, power and ownership over food, our bodies and how we want to feel and show up in our lives every single day ooozing out of me.  

I start and finish every event KNOWING that someone in the audience needs to hear what I am saying with the faith that my message will make an impact BUT I MAY NEVER KNOW!

Have you ever had this happen to you?  Where you have done something you feel so damn amazing about or proud of, but it seems that no one else notices or acknowledges your accomplishment?

Critic or Coach


One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is SELF validation.  

Learn to celebrate the accomplishments you feel amazing about regardless of if you receive praise or feedback from others.  

This is what it means to be your best coach.  

It means silencing your inner critic that wants to rob you of your victories because someone else didn’t acknowledge them.

It means learning the art of the “selfie” high five and having SELF validation of your accomplishments as being ENOUGH.

Sure, we all love when others share in our achievements, give us praise and acknowledge our efforts BUT if you can learn to make this a BONUS instead of a requirement then you will be on your way to nourishing your inner coach.

When external validation is a requirement of your worthiness the only thing being nourished is your inner critic who wants you to believe that you are not good enough, haven’t done enough and don’t matter enough.  

Yes, I love finding out that my work and my passion is making a difference in the world BUT what matters most is that I am proud of the work I do, and how it makes my soul feel.  

Learn to validate yourself, turn off your inner critic and turn up your coach and watch your self love, self respect and feelings of accomplishment grow.

I would love for you to share you victories in the comments below and hear about your “selfie” high five moments!!

~ Lisa

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