Episode 221 dives into the consequences of continuing to work from the circumstances of your life without being responsible for how you’re managing your energy.

Change isn’t easy for most people, however, what feels worse? Making changes that support you feeling better and different, or staying the same and risking your physical and emotional well-being? What Lisa has learned over the years is that most people do everything they can to avoid feeling how they feel, and spend most of their lives running from themselves.

The consequences of this? We are the physically and emotionally unwell population in history. We are turning to pharmaceuticals, alcohol, shopping, social media, overworking, chasing achievements etc to manage the energy we can’t be with.

In today’s episode, Lisa dives into the consequences and cost of not managing your energy and living at the mercy of your circumstances.

The possibility of a better life is on the other side of you doing this transformational work and creating awareness about the behaviors that are keeping you trapped.


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