With many people around the world becoming ill with the newest Covid variant, today Lisa is sharing her journey of being ill.   This isn’t an episode about how to navigate Covid, but how to look at being sick as an opportunity to slow down, rest and partner with your body to heal.  For anyone listening, this is a lesson in working from commitment and playing the long game in life, business and in the gym.

No one likes to be sick, but with the right mindset, your performance will be even better when you’re back on your feet.

[3:30] What does taking full responsibility for you health look like?

[5:18] Lisa’s experience (and her families) with Covid

[11:01] Commitment to workouts vs commitment to getting well

[14:37] The gifts in rest physically and emotionally

[15:42] Why parasympathetic nervous system regulation is so important and is often over looked in self care

[20:00] What might happen if you slowed down, made rest a priority and honored these pause moments in life?

[21:07] Why habits are so important as your foundation


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