The problem you think you have isn’t the problem you actually have. I’ve often said that on this podcast. And the journey that my client and guest today, Laurie-Ann Murabito, took from reformed painfully shy girl to accidental professional speaker illustrates it well. In this episode, she and I talk about perfectionism, self-trust, and showing up as the real you so you can get the outcomes you want in your life and business.

[4:01] – Re-defining the speaker role beyond booking the stage

[7:18] – How letting go of perfectionist tendencies can change you

[13:33] – The difference in how Laurie-Ann responds to negative self-talk since we started working together

[14:51] – How perfectionist tendencies trapped Laurie-Ann in a pattern of procrastination in her business

[18:43] – Beware of succumbing to either extreme end of the Disney princess syndrome

[24:34] – Helping other women step into their stories and leadership roles as speakers

[30:22] – Why I’ve learned to be detached to the outcome of anything I do in my business

[32:19] – Laurie-Ann’s in-depth plans to support and work with clients this year

[35:18] – Why speaking might just be the best form of marketing and the fastest way to grow your business

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