In this bonus episode of the Full Frontal Living™ Podcast Lisa dives into Jim Fortin’s Transformational Coaching Program and what’s available if you’re ready to put an end to your struggle, frustration, and lack of results.  She shares how much TCP has changed her own perspectives and stories and how many others have experienced radical transformations of their own in the 12 weeks.

If you’ve been looking for a way to dive into coaching with Lisa this is a great alternative to working with her 1:1 and she believes TCP is a foundational program that everyone should be a part of.  
Anything you want in life is 100% possible but it’s up to you to get out of your own way and make the choice to transform from the inside out. 

Doors to TCP are now open for registration!!!

Doors close to TCP on May 5 at midnight PST

To learn more and register click HERE

To hear stories from TCP students and alumni click HERE

To hear more about Lisa’s journey with TCP and how to not let your thoughts and feelings control your life in episode 13 HERE

To watch Jims recent FB Live click HERE

I am a proud affiliate of TCP and if you register as part of my community you’re going to receive 3 additional group coaching calls as a BONUS.

If you have any questions regarding TCP or coaching please reach out to me directly on Instagram HERE