Welcome to a profoundly reflective episode of the Full Frontal Living™ Podcast.

Today’s conversation promises to be an intimate one as Lisa guides us through her journey of personal evolution, challenging the importance of external attachments and the courage it takes to reprioritize our lives for self-care and growth.

Lisa is candidly redefining her life by letting go of certain habits and routines that no longer serve her—inviting new clients into her life-changing reclamation program and preaching the power of vulnerability.

In this transformative year, she’s embracing massive shifts—rethinking her attachment to long-held identities, and even her disciplined approach to fitness and business inspired by her athletic past.

As Lisa shares the discomfort of stepping away from control and facing inner judgments, she also revels in the freedom of breaking routines and traveling the world. She encourages all of us to cast aside constraints and pursue our deepest dreams with open hearts and minds.

In today’s episode, Lisa also brings us behind the scenes of her podcasting journey, sharing aspirations for purposeful content driven by her own healing and transition. Through the analogies of nature’s seasons and the discipline learned from fitness coaching, she exemplifies resilience and a commitment to betterment in all realms of her life.

Enjoy listening to Lisa in this honest exploration of change, commitment, and letting go. Whether you’re a regular or a newcomer, you’ll find Lisa’s insights a source of support and inspiration.

And don’t forget, for those who want to delve deeper, Lisa’s private podcast, “Sustainably Strong,” is just a sign-up away. Now, brace yourselves for an episode that’s as enlightening as it is transformative.

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