I’m so excited to introduce you to Allison Schaaf from www.Prepdish.com who I stumbled across while listening to one of my favourite podcasts.

(side note: if you’re an entrepreneur or interested in becoming one, Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcasts is one of my favourite’s so check him out!)

I fell in love with her business and knew what she offered is a beautiful compliment to what I teach.  She makes healthy eating and meal preparation EASY.

I’m SO happy to introduce her to my community.

If you’re new to me I want you to understand the foundation of my work.

I’m an EMPOWERMENT coach.

I help women lose weight, make peace with food and their bodies AND take responsibility for the relationship they’re having with both.

I TEACH the women I coach how to understand food, the power of choice and how to take ownership of all their choices. No judgement or guilt allowed.

It also means that I DO NOT provide meal plans because I want you to always be in the drivers seat of your choices instead of blindly following someone else’s plan.

This is where Allison comes in.

She takes the guess work out of planning an prepping meals and for my E.A.T! alumni they’re able to take their knowledge and apply it to her recipes.

They know how to modify and adjust BUT prepdish.com makes it easy for them to shop, and keep variety in their meals without overwhelm.

For those of you who are looking to eat healthy and feeling overwhelmed with where to start Prepdish.com provides the solution.  Prepdish.com can help you be a healthy eater and make it super easy for you.

Just click the picture below to watch the interview we did together and sign up to grab a FREE one week meal plan so you can experience why I’m so excited about her work.


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