In Episode 190 Lisa introduces you to her client Alyssa who generously shares her coaching journey.
Alyssa came to Lisa struggling with her health, anxiety, overwhelm and a feeling of being broken.  She described herself as relentless in pursuit of self betterment, while not realizing that wanting to find a solution was keeping her trapped in her problems.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn how Alyssa went from over-functioning, over giving, and over-doing to establishing boundaries that support her energy and allow her to care for her well-being.  She’s learned how to stand up for herself, let things go that aren’t important, release things that aren’t her responsibility and identify what her needs and wants are so that she can make those a priority.

Even though she was running a successful business, you might be surprised that Alyssa didn’t see herself as successful. As like many highly driven and ambitious women, Alyssa was measuring success through a skewed lens of not enough, which was keeping her trapped in a loop of believing she needed to do more to create the success she wanted without being able to recognize that what she wanted was already right in front of her.

Many of you will see yourself in Alyssa’s journey and Lisa’s hope is that she will inspire you to never give up in seeking the answers you’re looking for but reminding you that when you have the right support you’ll be able to find yourself realizing that you have everything you need to feel complete.

[8:39] – Alyssa tells her story.

[10:22] Alyssa’s relentless pursuit of betterment.

[13:46] Alyssa describes her battles with boundaries and feeling responsible for others due to her fear of letting people down.

[17:03] The difference between caring and caretaking.

[22:00] Alyssa’s relationship with scarcity and how she shifted her belief.

[26:28] How Alyssa released beliefs of perfectionism and living in the past.

[31:35] How Alyssa’s belief of perfectionism was rooted in self-importance.

[33:14] Alyssa’s step into receiving.

[43:20] How working with Lisa helped Alyssa move from watching life on the sidelines to walking freely.

[48:41] Alyssa’s closing statement.


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