Welcome to another personal and introspective episode of the Full Frontal Living Podcast with Lisa Carpenter. In episode 272, Lisa shares her experiences and revelations from the first day of her journey walking the Camino de Santiago. Join her as she traverses the scenic routes of Spain, engaging in a voyage not just across landscapes but deep into the realms of personal expectations and relationships.


The Journey Begins: Lisa discusses her impromptu decision to walk the Camino and her first day walking a 22 km stretch. She introduces us to the diverse motivations that draw people to this renowned pilgrimage.

Saying Yes to Life: Discover why Lisa chose this year to embrace adventure and travel, breaking from years of postponement and saying yes to new experiences.

No Expectations, Just Experiences: Learn about Lisa’s approach of traveling without expectations, relying on her friends who love to plan, and enjoying the journey as it unfolds.

Reflections and Relationships: Lisa shares how the Camino is helping her connect on a deeper level with friends and clients, providing a space where she can both lead and be nurtured.

A Challenge to Listeners: The core message of the episode challenges the stories we tell ourselves and the expectations we place on others and experiences. Lisa invites listeners to examine how their interpretations affect their lives and relationships, suggesting a shift towards acceptance and personal accountability.

The Bigger Picture: Wrapping up, Lisa reflects on the essence of spiritual and personal growth, reminding us that meaningful change and connection can happen daily, not just on extraordinary adventures.

Whether you’re seeking a moment of tranquility or a spark of motivation, join Lisa on this picturesque and profound journey. Dive deeper into understanding how acceptance and intentional living can transform everyday life. And remember, “You don’t have to fly to Spain to find yourself.


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