On this week’s episode of “Full Frontal Living,” Lisa Carpenter, shares powerful experiences and essential wisdom from her recent travels and retreats focused on personal growth and self-care. In this episode, recorded at an airport post her transformative journey to Mallorca and a challenging Camino retreat, Lisa delves into how we can embrace the power of choice in every aspect of our lives.


In The Following Episode We’ll Discuss:

  • The Unforgettable Camino Retreat – Lisa recounts the physically and emotionally testing conditions of the Camino trek, exploring how adverse weather and personal challenges led her to deeper introspection and growth.
  • Learning to Choose Self-Care – Understand the importance of selecting self-support, especially during tough times, and how these choices impact our well-being and ability to thrive.
  • Importance of Deep Connections – Despite the difficult moments, Lisa shares the significance of fostering profound connections, starting with ourselves, and extending to those around us. Reflect on Lisa’s experience with the crystal exchange and what it taught her about honest communication and feeling unchosen.
  • Upcoming Opportunities – Lisa is thrilled to announce upcoming travels, including a retreat in Whistler, designed to offer luxury, relaxation, and adventure. Listen for details on how you can join, with one slot still open. Also, hear about Lisa’s transformational one-to-one coaching sessions and VIP in-person retreats.
  • Ongoing Support and Inspiration – Lisa invites you to follow her journey on Instagram for real-time travel updates and behind-the-scenes content. She also welcomes listeners to reach out via email for ongoing support in embracing self-care and harnessing your power to choose.

Lisa wraps up the episode with a heartfelt reminder about the importance of kindness towards oneself and choosing not to abandon oneself, especially in moments of discomfort or shame. Whether you’re facing personal struggles or looking to deepen your professional achievements without sacrificing wellness, remember, the power to choose is yours.


Episode Resources:

Apply for the Whistler retreat https://lisacarpenter.ca/retreat-2024/

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Follow Lisa on Instagram for more updates: https://www.instagram.com/lisacarpenterinc/

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