In Episode 188, Lisa chats with her client Nicole about the transformation she’s experienced over the past 18 months. Nicole went from feeling overwhelmed and constantly in a state of busy, to doing less while creating greater success, more profitability in her business but most importantly more TIME for herself and the people she loves.  She’s now a priority in her life with a greater sense of balance between business and spending time with her family.

She shares her story of how perfectionism and unrealistic expectations were depleting the joy from her life and her business, and how she overcame these hurdles to re-invent her business model while having more fun and allowing herself to get “messy”.  Nicole is a beautiful example of what’s possible when you stop hiding inside large group programs and work intimately with a coach.   She was able to discover so many blind spots that were keeping her trapped and take different action to create new results.

[01:54] – Nicole introduces herself, what she does, and how we came to know each other

[07:02] – Nicole shares what her life was like and what she felt like before working with Lisa

[08:28] – What happened in Nicole’s business and family once she started to slow down

[10:48] – What it looked like for Nicole to do less and make more

[14:23] – Nicole discusses how things have changed since she began trusting herself and the decisions she was making in business and in life

[17:14] – Nicole discusses how coaching changed her mindset.

[20:19] – Lisa and Nicole talk through the shift from putting her business and everyone else first, to making herself a priority

[28:01] – How letting go of perfectionism changed her business

[32:32] – Nicole discusses being authentic and vulnerable in front of your audience

[38:55] – Lisa and Nicole discuss being in tune with your emotions

[43:09] – Nicole’s closing thoughts

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