Lisa welcomes her former client Stacey in episode 223 to share her success through coaching. In this conversation, you’ll learn how Stacey created success for herself on HER terms, and in alignment with her values and how she wanted to feel.

Lisa and Stacey also dive into :

* Letting go and assessing what things are costing you energy

* How being tuned into your feelings allows you to make decisions that keep you in alignment with your vision

* How to prioritize rest when you’re a chronic do-er

* How this inner work impacted Stacey’s ability to be a strong leader with a powerful voice

* Toxic bonding. What it is and how to recognize it and avoid it.

* The power of being tuned into your body and the wisdom it offers

* Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and no longer being focused on getting things right or what others might be thinking.


Stacey learned to become a master of her own energy and confident in her ability to navigate any situation, whether at work or home without getting into overwhelm or over-doing.


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