In episode 78 Lisa chats with her dear friend Lisa Corduff (the other Lisa C) about the new perspectives they’ve gotten from COVID.   There has never been an opportunity like this where you’ve all gotten to step out of your life and take inventory of what is and isn’t working.  What kind of “normal” were you living with before and is this a normal you want to return to?  Humans are built for resiliency however that doesn’t mean we like change or upheaval. In fact, most of us live our lives trying to avoid change and discomfort.  We do everything we can to normalize that which isn’t normal and to avoid feeling anything that makes us feel bad.  The question becomes what behaviours were you tolerating pre-COVID that you’re no longer willing to tolerate?  What stories have you been telling yourself about life that you no longer want to believe?  What changes do you want to make and what kind of life do you want moving forward?

Pour yourself a cup of tea and join the ladies as they engage in a real conversation about life, parenting, transformation and possibility during and after a pandemic.

You’ve probably already realized that you’ll never be “ready” for change.  You have to take action regardless of your readiness if you want to create a life where you get to thrive instead of surviving. 

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