In this special episode, Lisa welcomes her friend and colleague Megan from Becoming Zesty to talk about radical honesty in relationships.

In episode 256, Lisa and Megan take you on an intimate journey through the power of truthful communication.


Together, we explore the transformative effects of radical honesty, from the painful catalyst of witnessing personal triggers to the profound healing that follows authentic expression.


As we unpack moments from our own lives—including the trials of calling off weddings and confronting marital infidelities—we share the essential truth that conscious communication is the lifeline of any deep relationship.


From discussing the perils of emotional bypassing and over-functioning to embracing vulnerability in our roles as partners and parents, this episode promises to challenge and inspire.


Megan brings to light the practices that have changed the foundation of her marriage and herself. With stirring openness, we talk about burning past guilts, redefining roles, and stepping into a new paradigm of personal growth.


As we dive into this candid conversation, we also touch on Megan’s innovative work, covering everything from functional medicine to NLP and hypnosis, and how it aligns seamlessly with our topic.


Prepare for a riveting dialogue that invites us all to consider the liberating power of laying bare our fears, resentments, and desires. Join us for an hour of radical honesty that might just reshape the way you view your relationships and, ultimately, yourself.


Megan is the innovative co-founder of Becoming Zesty, a company rooted in the holistic health and functional medicine sector. Together with her partner, Dr. Alex, Megan has dedicated her career to empowering women, helping them to rebalance their hormones and reclaim their wellbeing. Zesty began with a strong focus on personal health, but Megan’s vision has since expanded to support fellow practitioners in the wellness industry, including acupuncturists, naturopaths, dietitians, nutritionists, and coaches.

Recognizing the integral role of the mind in physical health, Megan now guides these professionals in integrating subconscious reprogramming techniques into their practices. She understands that her clients’ clients often grapple with deeper issues, such as ingrained beliefs, unreleased emotions, or past traumas, which can hinder the effectiveness of even the most well-crafted health plans. With her expertise, Megan helps bridge the gap between physical protocols and mental barriers, ensuring that those under her guidance can achieve a truly holistic approach to health that extends well beyond traditional methods.


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