In this candid and reflective episode, Lisa takes you on an intimate journey through the challenges and revelations she’s faced in 2023.

With unflinching honesty, she opens up about her personal struggles, the courage it takes to confront her values, and how she’s reorienting her life to be in greater integrity with those values.

What You’ll Discover in episode 257:

– Lisa’s transformative approach to commitment and how it impacts every facet of our lives, especially when we’re overdue for a self-care check-in.

– The empowering act of choosing and releasing commitments with intention, and why sometimes less is more for achieving true success.

– A heart-to-heart on how to recognize when commitments no longer serve our current stage in life or our growing goals, and the importance of acting boldly in alignment with our deepest desires.


Special Highlights:

– Get exclusive insights into Lisa’s own significant life choices, as she redefines her path by stepping away from athletic pursuits and embracing a renewed dedication to travel and personal development – including her powerful decision to spend time apart from her partner to focus on healing.


– Join Lisa as she champions the art of prioritization and the profound impact of full, unequivocal commitment on personal fulfillment.


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How You Can Dive Deeper:

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Remember, the path to a fulfilling life is often about revisiting our commitments and ensuring they align with our ever-evolving self. Lisa’s journey is a testament to the bravery required to release the old and embrace the powerful potential of the new.


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