In episode 174 Lisa shares her personal story of the impact of the emotional trauma she experienced in 2021.  Trauma is defined as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience” and although many of us hear the word trauma and think about things like assault, accidents or the death of someone we love, trauma is experienced in many more ways.

What’s fascinating is how your body and your brain respond to trauma and how un-felt emotion is stored in the body, often resulting in disease and illness.  In this episode, Lisa shares the physical impact the Canadian pandemic rules have had on her and the moment when she experienced what she can now see as trauma.  You’ll learn how she unlocked what was happening in her brain with the help of her friend and colleague Jake Currie and how you can go back in time to discover what might be causing any pain you’re experiencing in your body.

It’s time to discover what is possible when you go beyond what you think the problem is and be curious about what else might be preventing you from feeling your best.

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