In episode 82, Lisa brings her guest Emily Aarons to have an honest conversation about how we can be better allies to people of colour around the world.  2020 seems to be the year that everything that hasn’t been working is being dismantled in a profound way and now more than ever before we MUST lean into uncomfortable conversations.  It’s not ok to turn away and not take a stand.  In this conversation, Lisa and Emily speak to how they are feeling their feelings and the actions they are taking to be fully responsible for their blind spots so they can be better allies and part of the solution.

Below you will find a list of resources to support white people to learn what it means to dismantle racism and educate yourself on where YOU are not showing up and thus contributing to the problem.  The world needs us to be ally’s to our coloured friends not colour blind.  If you think you aren’t racist please think again and dive into this work.  You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn about yourself and how much knowing this information will make an impact.


Please check out and watch the video “I’m scared for my life”.  Her vulnerable share changed the conversation in my family and opened me up to a new perspective.

If you are an entrepreneur, running a team or a coach make sure you follow and sign up for the replay of her webinar “Show up and Serve” to learn about inclusion and how you can hold responsible spaces for your clients and employees.

Leaders and educators in diversity Equity and Inclusion




This powerful fb live from Brene Brown

Please visit the document below for a list of resources so you can lean in, listen and be open to learning how you can dismantle your own stories about privilege.

Here is a fantastic resource