Some days I just need to push away from my desk, take a breath and remember that tomorrow will bring a new day and a new perspective.  

Resistance means I am close to something big that my spirit WANTS. 

It doesn’t feel comfortable and in this moment I just want to run from it. 

I KNOW that what I want for myself and my programs are on the other side of this of this discomfort and that NO ONE is going to carry me across.  No one is going to do the work that only I can do.

This is what the E.A.T! program teaches. 

It is not just about losing weight. In fact I would say weight loss becomes secondary when clients realize that the resistance they have created, the inability to get out of their own way and the NOT wanting to feel the discomfort is exactly what’s holding them back,  BIG “AH HA” moments start to happen. 

In the words of Keri-Anne “Shit gets real” 

The ability to see resistance for what it is, stare it down and have the courage to move into it is the where the true catalyst for change starts.

Discomfort is growth. 

Take a breath, try again and call yourself out on what your resistance is then take a step.

That first step can build a business, a family, a love affair, a deeper connection, strength and a body you can feel proud in.

E.A.T! is not just about the food pieces, it is about the whole person, from the inside out. Its not for everyone but for the ones who have the courage to get uncomfortable it is life changing.  

It’s like nothing you have tried before and failed at. It is not a diet. It is a program about responsibility. Responsibility for what you eat, how you choose and how you want to show up in your life. Being a victim is a choice. The only one who can save you from a life and a body makes you feel lost, alone, sad, defeated, angry and tired is you.

My clients tell me that one of my greatest personal attributes is that I say it how it is and I do it from a place of great caring, authenticity and inspiration. 

This is what you will see more of from me on this page, on my blog and website or if you decide to work with me by signing up for any E.A.T! program.

~ the bullshit whisperer aka your nutritional ninja
Lisa Carpenter


Registration is open for the women’s only evening class starting April 9. Limited seats still available so check in with what your resistance is about signing up. If feeling free, being empowered and FINALLY being able to take ownership of your choices from a place of knowing instead of guessing is important to you then TAKE ACTION and register. Stop drowning and start living. XO