Breathing keeps us alive. We do it on autopilot. But beyond that, what I’ve really noticed in both myself and many of my clients is that so many of us walk around like we’re holding our breath. With the climate of the world the way it is, we’ve normalized stress and it often shows up in our bodies this way.

That brings me to my special guest today on episode 172, Miyako Hazama. She caught my eye in one of the groups we’re in together because she’s a breath expert. In this episode, we have a conversation about how we can use our breath to help us heal ourselves, from the inside out.

[1:44] – A little background on Miyako and what led to her work

[7:45] – What Miyako’s breathing technique for healing is all about

[13:20] – How breath can bring your nervous system back online

[19:06] – Where to start with your breathing so you can see what calm feels like in your body

[24:44] – A visualization to help you practice Miyako’s breathing technique

[29:50] – How this breathing technique literally changed one woman from the inside out

[31:42] – Breathing out what isn’t useful and why I wanted to talk with someone with a solid background in breathwork

[39:02] – The power of breathwork to help ease you through menopause and the aging process

[46:00] – The difference in using Miyako’s breathing technique as part of your self-love practice

Find out more about Miyako’s breathing technique and Energetic Life Design at her website.

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