This year I want to release the difficulty I have in batching my podcast episodes. I have some amazing things lined up for 2021, and batching opens up my availability and gives me more space and time to work on what I want to bring you. That’s why I want to talk about this idea of releasing things and having an honest conversation about the things you’re actually very committed to even if you say you don’t want to be, such as negative self-talk. You’re not your thoughts; you’re just the thinker of your thoughts and can always create new ones. So what do you want to leave behind in 2020 that isn’t serving you? Let’s get into it!

[5:01] – Habitual thoughts and what you need to do to create new thoughts

[9:31] – Worrying is praying for what you don’t want; here’s how you can stop

[13:18] – One of the most uncomfortable things to do for most people

[16:37] – Why so many of us keep ourselves so busy

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