Years ago, around this time of year, I felt really sad and wondered when my business would turn around. I was really living from this place of lack and feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Now, I see that all these different things that have happened for me have become part of my message, and how I teach these stories helps me connect to each of you tuning in. Our past is neither an accident nor a mistake. Today, we’re diving into past history, a topic that has really impacted my life.

[7:38] – The devastation I felt when my first big launch for E.A.T. barely broke even

[11:28] – Carrying around “Post Traumatic Launch Disorder” for many years

[16:09] – The moment I let go of my business past and rewrote the story

[17:49] – Losing weight has less to do with the doing and more to do with this

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