I’m sharing something a little different today: an interview I did with my business coach, Tara Newman. We talk about the journey I’ve taken with her over the last few years to burn my business down and start anew. I don’t couch my story in the shiny facade we often see online. Mine showcases not just a transformational business journey but also a personal healing journey. It’s a story you’ll want to hear if you’re struggling to get from point A to B or make different decisions, find yourself holding back, or want to know the progress that’s possible with the right coach in your corner.

[7:06] – The big, pivotal moment I had while working with Tara and what kicked it off

[10:55] – Debt I racked up trying to grow my business and other costs, personally and professionally

[19:32] – Fighting against the misleading image of how successful entrepreneurs operate online

[22:55] – The shame that used to drive my business decisions

[28:38] – Restarting from zero and breaking the cardinal rule of sales calls on every sales call

[30:45] – Why I choose not to do sales calls anymore (and what I do now instead)

[40:09] – Recognizing that I created my business transformation

[44:40] – My epiphany about the similarities between running a business and training in the gym

[47:44] – Taking a break from tracking metrics that trigger negative feelings

[55:56] – How the pandemic has changed and impacted my financial household

[1:01:32] – The #1 attribute that has carried me far in business and everything else

[1:06:21] – Putting skin in the game and seeing business investment as an investment in yourself

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