I’m bringing on a series of women who’ve worked with me through my Weight Loss From Within program. I get excited when I get to do this, because it’s an opportunity for them to celebrate their journey. My work has nothing to do with me; it’s all about the women I’m here to serve. I believe in the power of storytelling, and I believe that each of these women will say something that you’ll hear and resonate with in your own life. To that end, this week I talk with Janine about her self-transformation as she journeyed through the program.

[2:33] – How Janine felt about herself and her body when we first met

[9:41] – Our behaviors mirror back to us what is and isn’t okay with us within

[18:08] – What it looks like for Janine to be in partnership with her body

[26:18] – How Janine created her alter ego and what it’s changed for her

[33:32] – Janine feeling a whole other level of worth since beginning the program

[40:52] – Being responsible for your choices without self-sabotage or guilty feelings

[44:18] – So many women don’t trust themselves but choice is the ultimate freedom

Listen to Episode 34: How to Create Your Alter Ego and Become the Woman You’ve Dreamed About

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