There are people who just radiate something special. It makes you feel better seeing them or being around them. Sandra Chuma is definitely that type of person to me. Her spirit just can’t help but shine through everything she does.

She didn’t see herself this way, though. She struggled with worthiness and hiding her light (as so many women are conditioned to do). Then she realized there were plenty of others who struggle with the same. In this episode, she and I talk about self-worth and habits as ways in which we truly demonstrate the strength (or lack thereof) of self-love we have for ourselves.

[4:25] – The dangers of comparison-itis and feeling not good enough

[7:42] – Milestones that anchor that feeling of not being good enough and how they eventually affected Sandra’s health

[9:55] – Life experiences that made Sandra and myself feel like we weren’t good enough

[13:40] – Why degrees (for the most part) don’t matter nearly as much as you think they do when it comes to work

[17:54] – How to know if you have a lack of self-worth regarding any part of your life

[22:11] – Why most people find it easier to look outside themselves to place blame for their worthiness issues

[26:05] – The most important boundaries you’ll ever set for yourself

[28:55] – The difference in how I treated myself when on-stage recently versus my past self

[33:03] – Why curiosity and critical self-judgment can’t co-exist

[36:41] – What happens when you understand what it means to stand in your worthiness

[38:08] – Our propensity to default to our habits in times of stress

[43:32] – The huge emotional propeller of worthiness that too many women don’t acknowledge (and an exercise to flip the script)

[49:32] – The conversation I had with Sandra that compelled her to stop hesitating and share her gift with the world.

Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg, PhD

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