Join host Lisa Carpenter for an insightful conversation with Karen Agro, a pharmacist with a musical soul, who enlightens us on why music is such a profound form of medicine.


In this episode, Karen shares her personal and professional journey, merging her expertise in pharmacy and clinical epidemiology with her passion for music and sound therapy.


Discover how she rediscovered music after a life-changing accident and the poignant role it played during her father’s battle with dementia. Lisa and Karen discuss the therapeutic effects of music on emotional regulation, stress relief, and cognitive function. They delve into the scientific underpinnings of sound’s impact on the body and how personalized music choices can enhance our daily lives. Tune in for an episode that strikes a harmonious note on the importance of integrating self-care and music into our routines for optimal well-being.


Karen Agro is on a mission to help individuals and corporate teams – who feel stressed and burned out – shift their mood in under 10-minutes, with music.



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