I have a very special guest today! When I hired Stacey Harris, founder and CEO of Uncommonly More, to support my podcast production, I was ready to make a bigger impact in the world. I love that she puts people first and uses her background in audio engineering and decades of digital marketing experience to lead her team in supporting hosts like me, helping me market with integrity while I share my message.

Even if you’re not an entrepreneur, you’ll want to listen to this episode. Stacey and I discuss taking imperfect action to get started, letting go of perfectionism and control to move forward regardless of what you do, data vs. feeling and the importance of staying present in your emotions, and when to know it’s time to ask for help. But if you do have or are about to launch your own podcast (or want to uplevel the one you have), then make sure you listen until the end. You’ll hear some amazing things!

[5:57] – Who Stacey is and what I thought the first time I met her

[9:44] – The social media annoyance that pushed me to start podcasting and my imperfect 1st episode

[11:54] – How you decide what you like and what works and doesn’t work for your show

[15:30] – When it’s a good time to check in on what you’ve been doing

[18:48] – Crucial things people miss too often that cost them and their clients

[24:03] – One thing Stacey’s company does for my podcast that I absolutely LOVE

[26:08] – What you’ll find impossible to do without support and defaulting into emotions vs. data

[29:29] – The utterly nonsensical thing too many say about podcast marketing (or anything, really)

[34:15] – Why building trust through imperfect action helps you

[37:44] – The type of podcast episodes that get a TON of engagement

[42:52] – The right time to reach out to Stacey for podcast support

[49:28] – Leaving you with one last, inspirational call-to-action

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