Episode 197 is a very personal share about how Lisa found herself back in her old patterns of behavior and the emotional suffering she endured at her own hand.  You may not realize it yet, but most of the things you find yourself struggling with and suffering through are because of where you’re choosing to hold your attention.  Have you ever noticed how much you focus on what’s not working vs what is?  Or how much you hold your attention on what you don’t have vs what you DO have?

Most of the problems you face in life are only problems because of the stories you’ve told yourself about the problem.  Take a listen to today’s episode to come to an understanding of what this means and how quickly you can shift out of the struggle by asking yourself so KEY questions.
How much are you contributing to making the problem BIGGER by holding your attention on what you can’t control instead of being responsible for what you can.

After listening to this episode, ask yourself what you GAIN from being stuck and struggling?  The answer might not just surprise you, but also set you free.

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