Has this year had you on a bit of an emotional roller coaster? I know this year has been a very confronting year for me. I’ve been seeing things differently and riding a wave of emotion. It’s a reminder that you can always look at how you react to your life in different ways. So how can we respond to our lives differently, now that the season of contemplation is upon us with New Year’s approaching?

[3:36] – Sharing an old Facebook memory of my oldest son from 2019

[6:09] – Why acknowledging your feelings isn’t a “one-and-done” deal

[8:54] – The real source of your grief and emotional distress

[12:11] – Two moments that changed the trajectory of my life

[15:03] – Try this as you head into this holiday season

[16:30] – The different choices I want to make for myself this holiday season

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