In episode 92 Lisa brings on her very special guest Yola Mehmeti.  Yola is one of Lisa’s previous coaches and is a powerful healer who helps her clients declutter their subconscious along with their physical spaces so they can remember and embody their free will and step into their full potential and power.

In this conversation, the ladies dive into how much you bring the past into your current life and the impact it is having on your choices and behaviors.  Have you ever considered the identities you’re working from and if they are still relevant to who you are today?
This impacts both the tangible and intangible pieces of your life, your levels of self-trust, self-love and worthiness.  In today’s episode, you’ll discover what it means to explore and let go of your past so you can live from today and create a future fully aligned with who you truly are.

You will be invited to answer some questions and participate in a few activities to help with the letting go process.

To connect with Yola

Instagram @yolabear17