Here is a summary of this week’s episode:

  • Intentional Planning & Pursuit: Lisa highlights the power of intentional action over passive dreaming, emphasizing her strategic decisions such as returning to the stage and taking a sabbatical.
  • Manifestation Demystified: The truth about manifestation is revealed – it’s not just about wishing, but actively working towards one’s vision.
  • Stories of Persistence: From visions that seemed unreachable to finally bringing her family together for vacations, Lisa underscores the journey of chasing dreams.
  • Coaching Models: A deep dive into the merits of one-to-one coaching versus group programs. Lisa champions personalized coaching as a transformative tool.
  • The Human Aspect: Addressing her own “blind windows,” Lisa speaks to the universal journey of self-discovery and growth. Two decades into coaching, she’s still learning.
  • Setting Boundaries: Lisa’s dedication to taking a month off is more than just a break – it’s a testament to the power of setting and respecting personal boundaries.
  • Value Beyond Productivity: In a world obsessed with constant work, Lisa challenges the notion that one’s value is tied to ceaseless output. She advocates for the necessary rest, citing it’s not a luxury, but essential for peak performance.
  • Delegation & Simplification: Meet Bridget, Lisa’s right hand. Through this introduction, Lisa drives home the idea that simplicity and delegation in business lead to profitability and peace.
  • Business Foundations: The pitfalls of shortcuts in health and business, emphasizing the significance of laying down solid roots for sustained success.
  • Redefining Success: A call to redefine success, focusing on a balanced blend of work, rest, and personal fulfillment.
  • Behind The Stage: Lisa shares insights about the rigors of show preparation, likening it to a full-time job, and the deep pride in making challenging tasks manageable.
  • Strategic Time-Off: Learn why Lisa chose August for her time-off, the value of longer days, and her decision to be part of the Vegas show.
  • Commitment, Vision & Finances: Lisa explores the importance of commitment, even in challenging times, and touches upon her journey from financial instability to being an advocate for financial literacy.
  • Embracing Imperfection: From her stage experiences to her personal life, Lisa emphasizes the power of embracing flaws and using them as growth catalysts.
  • The Dominican Dream: Lisa recounts the joy and complex emotions of a dream decades in the making, her family vacation to the Dominican Republic, originally intended as her wedding trip.
  • The Power of Self-Compassion: Navigating through tough times, Lisa discovered the strength in treating herself as she would a dear friend, balancing emotions of gratitude and grief.
  • Narrative & Choice: As we near the end, Lisa touches upon the stories we tell ourselves and the power we have in shaping these narratives, freeing ourselves from past constraints.
  • Host Insights: As the episode wraps up, the host shares their own journey, echoing Lisa’s sentiments about growth, adversity, and the importance of evolving. A central theme emerges: We’re not bound by our past, and every challenge can be a stepping stone for a brighter future.
  • One-to-One Coaching Promotion: The episode culminates with a call to prioritize personal growth and well-being, emphasizing the transformative potential of the host’s coaching services.


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