In this inspiring episode of the Full Frontal Living Podcast, host Lisa Carpenter is joined by Emily Gough, a renowned coach and speaker. They delve deep into the transformative power of self-care and its critical role in personal growth, especially within the context of relationships.

Episode Highlights:

  1. Self-Care as Personal Responsibility:
    • Emily discusses the importance of self-care beyond external assistance.
    • Exploration of how self-care acts as a foundation for personal growth.
  2. The Journey to Self-Awareness:
    • The episode covers the significance of mindful breathing as a tool for self-awareness.
    • Insights on performing mental body scans and understanding physical and emotional cues.
  3. Relationships and Personal Growth:
    • Emily shares her personal experiences in nurturing a healthy relationship.
    • Discussion on balancing individual needs with those of partners and the impact on relationship dynamics.

Additional Resources:

  • Stay tuned for Emily Gough’s upcoming book “You Grow Me,” set for release in early 2024.
  • For more information and daily inspiration, visit Emily Gough’s website and Instagram page.



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