Today, in episode 252 of The Full Frontal Living Podcast I’m diving into a touching and deeply transformative conversation with my special guest, Sara Intonato, a consultant, yoga teacher, coach, and beacon of hope for parents with neurodiverse children, who has carved a new path for families seeking empowerment and understanding.

Fueled by her own experiences as a parent of a child with autism, Sara transformed her life and learned to transcend the shame, blame, martyrdom and victim mentality that many families with neurodiverse children succumb to.

Sara shares the journey that led her to create a comforting community for parents who felt alone and misunderstood, while coping with the diagnosis of their child. She talks about what it looks like to take an empowered role as a parent and not put 100% of the focus on your child, but also allowing yourself to thrive.


Sara opens up about her personal struggles and turning points, as well as how she harnessed the principles of yoga for self-healing and clarity amid the chaos. She will also discuss the importance of parents committing to their personal well-being, as much as they do for their children, thus recovering from an often below the surface martyrdom syndrome, which can lead to severe burnout and chronic health issues.


Sara highlights how this syndrome disrupts the sensitive regulatory systems of neurodiverse children, who then struggle to prosper in the face of parental stress. Learn about practical tools and strategies that not only empower parents but create a nurturing environment for the entire family.


Join us also as we delve into Sara’s best-selling book, “Emotional Healing for Parents with Children of Autism,” which recounts her family’s journey and serves as a beacon of solace and guidance for parents experiencing similar situations.


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