Welcome to Episode 251 of The Full Frontal Living podcast.

In this thought-provoking episode, Lisa candidly discusses and reflects on her 51 years of life, sharing lessons she’s learned and wisdom she’s gleaned over the years. She engages her listeners with insights about the importance of internal peace, personal growth and taking responsibility for their lives.

Stay tuned as she shares 61 lessons from her 51 years that include letting go of black-and-white thinking, the law of attraction as a science, and the importance of setting boundaries.

Listen as Lisa challenges societal norms, urging us to prioritize our own desires, and expresses the importance of understanding that no one outside of you has the answers.


This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration, underscoring Lisa’s core coaching values – self-integrity, responsibility, commitment, well-being and growth.

From discussing personal commitment, acknowledging age and inevitable change, to facing fear and doubt, she’s going to take you on a transformative journey.

Each listener will undoubtedly find a lesson, an idea or a piece of wisdom that resonates with them.


Enjoy the episode.


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