What comes up whenever you hear the word “discipline”? Do images of drill sergeants dance in your head? Do your hackles raise up?

I’ve had an interesting dance with the concept of discipline over the years. I used to love it… until I went through a stage that caused me to hate the very mention of it.

Now I’m back to a place where I see discipline as the most loving thing I can give myself. In this episode, I talk about that history, cover how discipline ties into your view of yourself, and illustrate why it’s nothing more than a word with whatever connotation you choose to give it.

[1:59] – Our dichotomous relationship with discipline

[4:21] – How your body can still respond to stress even if you don’t feel stressed

[7:14] – The time I wanted nothing to do with discipline

[9:22] – How I tried to take the edge out of the word “discipline”

[11:08] – The benefits that discipline gives me and how I embrace it in my life now

[13:45] – Looking at the stories you’ve given to specific words

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