How do you view receiving help, compliments, gifts, and so on from others? What do you make receiving mean about yourself? In this episode, I dive into the massive problem many givers and over givers have with the flip side of giving. You’ll hear some of my stories about receiving, blocking that energy, and what it means when you do, in hopes that you’ll look at your behavioral patterns to see if there’s a need for change.

[1:40] – Why this used to be a highly triggering time of the year for me

[3:52] – How the way you receive affects the way you give as well

[6:16] – Realizing when you’re fighting for your limitations

[9:25] – Why I felt like the Wicked Witch of Oz in a group therapy session and the stunning self-realization it led to

[13:59] – How your relationship with receiving can show up in various areas of your life

[16:05] – What it looks like from the giver perspective when you block yourself from receiving their gift

[17:33] – What is it costing you to not receive help?

[20:15] – The question to ask yourself this holiday season

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