In episode 212, Lisa and Teri, her client, discuss the transformations Teri experienced through their coaching sessions. Teri, who previously felt burdened and overworked, has now redefined success and what it means for her. As a result, she experiences greater success and profitability in her business, while also prioritizing her personal life and spending more time with her family. Teri has successfully struck a balance between her work and personal life.

She recounts her journey of self-discovery, including her difficulties in recognizing her own success and constantly raising her goals without acknowledging her accomplishments. She explains how she had to redefine her understanding of success and how this constant drive negatively impacted her health and relationships. Through working with Lisa, she was able to achieve a different outcome.

(02:27 ): Teri introduces herself, what she does, and how we came to know each other

(07:36): Teri discusses a trait about ambitious women

(09:32): How being addicted to the struggle held her back.

(11:23): Lisa shares Brian Tracy’s analogy of building a business and getting a plan off the ground

(16:28): How looking at the things Teri was holding onto changed everything.

(18:45): Teri’s relationship with money and how it affected her.

(23:51): Learning how to receive

(26:25): Understanding energy management

(29:24): Changing how Teri treated herself changed everything.

(34:29): Lisa and Teri talk about how they were working together during the pandemic and the emotions around the pandemic

(37:30) Lisa talks about witnessing Teri really stepping into her leadership role

(40:03): Teri discusses the importance of having quiet time and making space, and her resistance around it initially.

(41:51): Teri’s advice on putting yourself first and investing in yourself

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