In episode 211 Lisa poses the question,  “How much is enough?” She encourages individuals to consider how to feel more successful and productive with ease, grace and by allowing themselves to do less, rather than constantly striving to do more.

Many of you are chronic over-doers, busy all the time with a million plates spinning and responsibilities to manage. Instead of this approach, Lisa encourages you to re-evaluate the stories you may be telling yourself about the need for perfection and the idea of “getting it right all the time.

Many of Lisa’s clients struggle with the idea of not doing things perfectly or being all in, however this mindset can often lead to feelings of failure and inadequacy.

Today’s message from Lisa is about identifying the one thing you can do that will support you in achieving your desired results and help you to stay committed. It is important to remember that you do not need to do everything, but that should not discourage you from taking action towards your goals. By focusing on one key task or responsibility, you can still make significant progress without feeling overwhelmed.

As high achievers we love to feel more successful and productive in everything we do, however, sometimes that doesn’t mean we have to do all the things. Find the things that you love and that support you showing up as your best self and do that. Find that one thing you need to do and call it a day.

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