Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been going in and out of this phase of feeling really flat. I’ve been feeling sad, uninspired, frustrated, sometimes even angry and haven’t felt super inspired to do anything–not be on social media putting out content or consuming others, nor being inspired to write. In fact, I’ve only felt like showing up for my clients and the group I facilitate. Despite not feeling like recording this episode, my mastermind reminded me today of a promise I made: to talk about the gnarly bits of life as well. So I’m discussing how to get over the COVID-induced wall we’ve all hit at some point or another.

[3:04] – The impact of a missing connection with women I’m close to

[6:37] – What I want you to know about what you’re feeling

[9:19] – What creates our suffering and the place you can always go back to

[15:43] – The easiest way to acknowledge and shift your emotions

[19:13] – Why you want to process your feelings before you’re forced to

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