Are you BUSY? Most of the women Lisa works with are juggling many balls and spinning way too many plates however it doesn’t need to be this way. If you want to have more time and energy in today’s episode #228 Lisa is sharing a tool she uses with many of her clients to determine what specifically is keeping them so busy.

You may not yet even realize how many busy things you’re in the habit of doing which means you’re operating on autopilot and not being intentional with your time or energy. You always have the power to choose how you’re spending your time however, first, it takes an awareness of where and how you’re spending time and energy so that you can make adjustments. Many of you stay stuck in circumstances and allow life to run you instead of it being the other way around because you’re not looking at what you can change. Living from “it is what it is” will keep you on the hamster wheel of life and not feeling empowered.

To change your life you must first take an honest look at what you’re so busy with and today’s episode will empower you to get honest and take responsibility for your time and energy.


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