In episode 68 Lisa’s dives deep into the current state of the world and the feelings of uncertainty that you may be feeling.  She also shares how she is navigating her fitness show being cancelled just 3 weeks from her taking the WBFF stage in LA and the perspectives she’s using to stay the course and support others who are experiencing fear, loss and how to show up for yourself during this unique time in history.  Emotions can feel confusing and as a high functioning woman, it’s more important than ever that you double down on taking care of yourself, taking the time to tune in and acknowledge how you’re feeling and be responsible for showing up as part of the solution.  It’s ok to feel whatever you’re feeling AND take ownership of what you need to do to feel better.

This too shall pass but how we collectively show up as humans will determine how quickly we bounce back and create a better world for us all.

You don’t have to like what’s happening to accept it and with a dose of faith, trust and commitment to supporting yourself and others we will not only rise but THRIVE on the other side of this COVID pandemic.

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