When the pandemic hit, my husband and I learned lots of things about homeschooling. But some red flags came up too, particularly with our youngest child. We had to make some really hard decisions about school and what we were going to do. So the pandemic offered us an opportunity to get to know him better, but I was in a whole different land in terms of navigating this and needed some guidance.

That’s where my special guest Sara comes in. She’s a master practitioner who’s been helping people with anxiety for years and years through her work with yoga and ancient practices. But she’s also a mother of a special needs child. I’ve brought her on before to speak about navigating anxiety, including during a pandemic. In this episode, however, we talk about her journey with her autistic son and how she assisted me in taking my power back as a parent.

[8:19] – We’re not here to guide our kids as much as they’re here to guide us

[16:09] – Why my child was rejected from the recommended school

[20:35] – Asking the school for support for your special needs child

[28:00] – No need to throw yourself under the bus while advocating for your kids

[33:26] – Being an advocate for yourself to better advocate for your kids in the long run

[39:02] – Sara discusses the book she’s writing about this journey she never wanted to take

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Sara’s free mini-guide: How to advocate for your special needs child in the middle of a pandemic

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