So many are very much attached to their identities of who they think they are. It might be an identity about your body, weight, relationships–things you literally tell yourself that you can’t stop doing. I have a very special guest today who you’ve probably heard me talk about before and who’s been a guest on the show prior. More than anybody I know, my husband Macey has really changed some massive habits in his life. For nine years now, he has been sober! So in this episode, he and I are going to talk a little about his recovery and developing new habits to create a new identity for yourself.

[4:42] – Macey letting go of his past history

[10:05] – How he tracked his progress in recovery

[15:04] – Staying committed to sobriety and maintaining new habits

[20:47] – Our ability to transform and create new identities

[22:20] – Numbing habits to avoid feelings and doubling down on habit stacking

[33:17] – Why people struggle with establishing new habits

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